BlaZe Creator is a simple 2d platforming game creation software that can be used many ways to make the game of your dreams without programming knowledge - BlaZe is a copyright 2009 of Matt Cameron and Chris Kimmel
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 Basic BlaZe Questions (not a guide,but read!)

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Basic BlaZe Questions (not a guide,but read!) Empty
PostSubject: Basic BlaZe Questions (not a guide,but read!)   Basic BlaZe Questions (not a guide,but read!) I_icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2009 11:26 pm

--When i google BlaZe Creator, that audio thing is on the list, are you two associated? And a torrent for a BlaZe creator Keygen is on the this costs money?
No. and NO!! You don't even need a key for BlaZe! so don't download that.
--MY ANTI VIRUS(Most commonly 'Trent Micro') SAID THIS WAS A VIRUS!
Nooonono!! It is not, Because this is a game maker, and it makes a games folder of your games in your "My Documents"so BlaZe is classified as a "Library Injector" in some anti viruses (Trend Micro mainly). You can scan BlaZe yourself, this is NOT a virus. We put work into this, and all about it. What a waste that would be to make is a virus.

--What is BlaZe?
A very simple platform game creation tool, it requires no programming, so basically a 4 year old could make a game.
--I'm not a good pixel i can't even make a character Sad
No worry! BlaZe comes with very basic sprites, so you can easily edit off it, or replace it!
--The pre made graphics stink
..Yes, because we want to inspire everyone to want to make their own game, graphics and all, so no one ever gets bored of every game looking the same!
--I know this is super easy.. But i still can't understand how to use this!
Well, every new thing can be tricky at first, So if you've tried experimenting and still can't get it, sign up on the forums and ask for help, We'll gladly help you.
--How do i download BlaZe?
Visit our homepage for downloads, or under "BlaZe Discussion" on the forums, and it'll be the top announcement.
--Sure whats in BlaZe now is fine..but will more ever be added?
Features; YES! As for music or new graphics, we will release that SEPARATELY as downloadable packages on the forum, so the download for BlaZe itself stays small, and people who care to sign up on the forums get presents basically.
--I want to give you ALL my ideas for what should be in BlaZe!
Slooow down there, We don't take suggestions yet
--I'm totally going to steal this!
First off, that's not a question. Second, it's copyrighted, all of it, Content. Script. The works. suprised
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Basic BlaZe Questions (not a guide,but read!)
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